Agenda Municipal / Movies The Lost Daughter

Thu 17 Nov
Cineclube de Joane programme

Casa das Artes | Small Auditorium - 21h45

Admission: 4 euros | Free for Cineclube de Joane members | Organisation: Cineclube de Joane | USA/Greece, 2021 | Directed by: Maggie Gyllenhaal | Cast: Olivia Colman, Jessie Buckley, Dakota Johnson, Ed Harris, Peter Sarsgaard, Dagmara Dominczyk | Rating: M/14 | Duration: 120 min.

Leda Caruso is a middle-aged university teacher who is on holiday in Greece. Alone, she spends her time watching people around her, distractedly, until she becomes almost obsessively interested in a young mother and her little daughter. Through them, Leda finds herself back in the past and in her experience as a mother. This will make her reevaluate her life and the decisions, not always easy or fair, she had to make. With the signature of actress Maggie Gyllenhaal (in her directorial debut), starring Olivia Colman and based on a work by Elena Ferrante, a psychological drama about the various challenges of motherhood. With Jessie Buckley, Dakota Johnson, Peter Sarsgaard and Ed Harris taking over the supporting characters, the film was very well received by both the public and the critics, and was nominated for the Golden Globes of achievement and representation (Colman).
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