Agenda Municipal / Music The Black Mamba

Fri 18 Nov
Casa das Artes programme (Winter Soul Festival - Songs with soul in Famalicão)

Casa das Artes | Grand Auditorium - 22h30

Admission: 15 euros. Student, Cultural Quadrilateral Card and Seniors (over 65 years): 7,5 euros | Rating: M/6 | Duration: 60 min

The Black Mamba are one of the most energetic, exciting and passionate Portuguese bands that perform live in Portugal. The band formed in May 2010 to traverse the universe of blues, soul and funk, adapting it to its natural habitat. Ten years and three albums later, The Black Mamba have played on the biggest stages and events in Portugal. They are a true band of the world that has already taken their "poison" to Spain, Brazil, USA and UK, among others, having in 2021 won the Fetival da Canção and participated brilliantly in the Eurovision with the theme "Love Is On My Side". Finally, millions of people had the opportunity to meet this amazing band, having their perfromance on stage impressed, not only the jury of the contest, but also the public spread around the world.

In 2022, The Black Mamba are preparing to release their fourth album "Last Night in Amsterdam", this album inspired by the band’s trip to Amsterdam and stories of city life in the 70s, a soul album, funk, rythm and blues, from which are already here the themes Love is On my Side, Crazy Nando and Sweet Amsterdam. The Black Mamba continue to earn their place in the music industry and have seen this year the reward of the excellent 2021 they had, with the award for Best Group of the Vodafone Play Awards 2022. There is no doubt that they are already a consolidated success and their "sting" is not only strong, but it is, and will continue to be, persistent.

Rui Miguel Abreu directs the project Rimas e Batidas that also gives name to two programs on Antena 3, one daily and one weekly, in which he discloses and investigates the paths of hip hop and surroundings, both national and international. He also does at Antena 3 the program Notas Azuis, this one focused on jazz and closer languages, and the debate program Precisamos de Falar, in which he shares microphones with Luis Oliveira, Nuno Galopim and Ana Markl. With more than 30 years of journalistic experience, Rui Miguel Abreu has been a tireless promoter of national and international music, having for this purpose over the years created multiple projects, from books to documentaries, as well as spaces within festivals, so you programmed some stages. It is also, whenever the opportunity arises, DJ with a wide range of interests, but recently more focused on contemporary jazz and its surrounding areas.

The Winter Soul Festival is not just about music and in this first edition, Rui Miguel Abreu will conduct a gathering with different guests and two after-hours sessions (at the café with live music).
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