Agenda Municipal / Theatre Beauty and the Beast

Wed 01 Jun
21st Anniversary of Casa das Artes programme

Casa das Artes | Large Auditorium - 10h00 and 15h00

Entrance: 4 euros. Students and Quadrilateral Cultural Card: 2 euros | Rating: M/6 | Duration: 70 min

Protected by a dusty cover, a rose-scented book tells the story of a rich merchant who loses all his fortune and sets off on a mad journey, promising to restore dignity to his family. However, when he comes across a mysterious castle shrouded in a curse that exposes the bestial side of its occupants, a spiral of unfortunate events causes Bela - his daughter - to be forced to stay in this enchanted building.
Now, only in her beautiful hope will she find the strength to travel through the dark and mutant corridors of that castle, which boasts the presence of magical entities, dangerous melodies and a monstrous host.
Will Bela be able to reveal that there is beauty in a rose beyond its thorns? That there are more stories in a book than the cover reveals? That behind every monstrous facet there may be a sleeping good? It is something that only the purest love can answer.

Artistic and technical record
Dramaturgy: Filipe Gouveia
Directed by: Xico Alves
Performers: Filipe Gouveia, Luiz Oliveira, Rita Calatré, Sara Maia and Vítor Fernandes
Music: Paulo Pires
Lyrics: Rita Calatré
Costumes: Cláudia Ribeiro
Choreography: Hugo Romano
Set design: Carlos Pinheiro e Emanuel
Light Design and Operation: Fernando Oliveira
Sound operation: José Diogo Novais
Graphic Design: Glitz Design
Stage Photography: Filipa Brito
Video: The Pixel Shapers
Executive Producers: Alejandrina Romero, Fred Meireles and Susana Morais

The story of Beauty and the Beast for families by Jangada Teatro

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