Agenda Municipal / Exhibitions 175 years of the Rio Vizela Factory

Until 30 Sep
Textile Industry Museum of the Ave Basin programme

Textile Industrial Museum
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The temporary exhibition with catalogue "175 years of the first textile factory of the Ave Basin Vizela River Spinning and Textile Factory (1845 - 2021)" intends to commemorate the emergence of the Vizela River Spinning and Textile Factory, in S. Tomé de Negrelos, Vila das Aves, the first modern factory founded in the Ave Basin, in September 1845, constituting a symbol of industrialization in this region.

During its long activity, which was only interrupted about 18 years ago, it had an enormous economic and social importance, both regionally and nationally. Thousands of workers worked in it and participated in its management, industrialists who became famous in the cotton textile sector. Beyond its pioneer role, for the success that it knew, the Factory influenced the development of the textile industry in this region, giving rise to the foundation of new textile companies, still in the XIX century, not only in Santo Tirso, but also in Fafe, Guimarães and Vila Nova de Famalicão.

Although it has been decommissioned, most of its premises remain in place, constituting a remarkable example of the industrial heritage of the Ave Basin region. Recently, part of the facilities were recovered and a new unit of the Famalicense company Hotelar Têxteis, SA was installed there.

In this way, and since the labouring was retaken in the primitive installations of the Vizela River Factory, due to its historical, patrimonial, as well as economic and social importance, the commemoration of the 175th anniversary of its foundation constitutes an excellent opportunity for MITBA to commemorate this event, highlighting the fundamental role it played in the textile industry of the region.

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