Agenda Municipal / Circus Art Wandré Gouveia - Wop! (premiere)

Sat 22 Jul
Narciso Ferreira Theatre programme

Riba de Ave | Narciso Ferreira Theatre - 21h30

Free tickets subject to pick-up one hour and a half before each performance. Limit of four tickets per person. Ticket reservation not applicable | Rating: M/6 | Running time: 30 min of show + talk

The Wop! Performance arises from a creative experience in which Cardboard Boxes and Balance Balls are transformed into interactive platforms, exploring possibilities through surrealistic windows, opening portals to imaginary worlds in a dialogue between animation, the beginnings of illusionism, poetry and a nonsensical reality. The narrative is inspired in poems by Mário Quintana, Fernando Pessoa and in the context of Vila Nova de Famalicão, creating a connection with images captured in the outskirts of the city of São Paulo (Brazil).
Wandré Gouveia (Brazil), studied Dramatic Art and Cinematographic Scriptwriting and took part in the Clown Training Program of Doutores da Alegria, Brazil. He has acted in Feature Films, including "O que se Move", dir. Caetano Gotardo, nominated for best actor at the Gramado Festival, 2012. With the Show "The Pillowman", dir. Bruno Guida e Dagoberto Feliz, he participated in Festivals in several states of Brazil.

List of credits
Creation, Reception, Staging, Animation, VideoMapping and Special Effects: Wandré Gouveia
Sceneries: Jonas Queiroga
Sound design, Original composition: Lucas Pinheiro Paiva and Tô Bernardo
Support: Fábrica de Cultura Jd. São Luís, Rede Daora
Production: INAC - Instituto Nacional de Artes do Circo
Coproduction: Teatro Narciso Ferreira (Casa das Artes de Famalicão)
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