Agenda Municipal / Conferences The revolution of 28 of May 1926

Fri 11 Nov
Museum Bernardino Machado Museum programme

Cycle of Conferences 2022: Conspiracies, revolts and revolutions in the First Republic (October 5, 1910 to May 28, 1926)

Municipal Archive Alberto Sampaio | 19h00

Free admission | Speaker: Arnaldo Madureira | Full programme at:

It should be noted that this theme has a lot to do with the patron of the Museum. Bernardino Machado was not only a victim of these revolts and revolutions (such as that of Mafra in 1914; that of Sidónio Pais in 1918; that of May 1921; and that of May 28, 1926) but also spoke and spoke widely about them, including in the doctrinal plan.
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