Agenda Municipal / Music Songs of Freedom

Sun 02 Jun
23rd Anniversary of Casa das Artes programme_Music for families 2024 (7th Cycle of Promenade concerts)

Casa das Artes | Grand auditorium – 17h00

Admission: 4 euros. Students, Cultural Quadrilateral Card and Seniors (aged 65 and over): 2 euros | Rating: M/3 | Running time: 90 min | With Orquestra de Jazz de Espinho; Musical direction: Eduardo Cardinho and Paulo Perfeito; Performers: Beatriz Alves, JP Simões, Marta Ren

Inspired by the ‘Carnation Revolution’ and its fiftieth anniversary in 2024, the Espinho Jazz Orchestra is presenting another ambitious project, challenging eight composers to create new works based on iconic songs that, around the globe, have materialised protest, the fight for freedom, the defence of human rights, justice and the most basic principles of human dignity. From José Afonso to Nina Simone, from LLuis LLach to the Liberation Music Orchestra, from Sérgio Godinho to Sam Cooke, the repertoire of this concert proposes a vision of music as an engine for change, collective mediation, a cry for freedom.


“Nkosi Sikelel’ I Afrika” 
Enoch Sontonga / arr. Carla Bley - Liberation Music Orchestra 

“Ain't Got No, I Got Life”
Nina Simone / arr. José Pedro Coelho

“Abril 74"
Lluis Llach / arr. Nazaré Silva

“Sunday Bloody Sunday”
U2 / arr. Carlos Azevedo

“Todo Cambia”
Julio Numhauser / Mercedes Sosa - arr. Daniel Bernardes

“A Change Is Gonna Come”
Sam Cooke / arr. Paulo Perfeito

“Os Índios da meia praia” - “Grândola Vila Morena” (fusion)
Zeca Afonso / arr. Telmo Marques

Sérgio Godinho / arr. Estela Alexandre

“War” - “War Pigs” (fusion)
Edwin Starr - Black Sabbath / arr. Johannes Krieger

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