Agenda Municipal / Theatre Had You Stayed At Home, You Freaks

Sat 05 Nov
Narciso Ferreira Theatre programme

Riba de Ave | Narciso Ferreira Theatre -  21h30

Free admission to the capacity of the room, with prior ticket collection, at the TNF ticket office, one hour and a half before the start of the show | Rating: M/16 | Duration: 90 min

In the obligation to define "Had you stayed at home, you freaks", text of the Argentine playwright Rodrigo García, we must admit that this "plot" is an exhibition of seemingly unconnected ideas poured into five stories where all our commitment is placed. It is natural that we are also obliged to expose the theme of the play in this synopsis. However, it is only up to the public to choose what seems familiar and evocative. Starting from this flood of words; spontaneous reflections; exposure of a theatrical machine; stories that lose their thread; a cry of revolt that does not raise the tone of voice; we built "Had you stayed at home, you freaks", the second show of the recently premiered Collective Sabotage. It is a language exercise that invites us to a frontal clash with the image of what we have become and where the actors are proposed to incorporate themselves in the stories they tell, walking together with the public in the discovery of the Punch line of our existence.

List of credits
Text: Rodrigo Garcia
Translation. John Romão
Directed by: Paulo Calatré
Interpretation: Nádia Matos and Pedro Barros de Castro
Staging Assistance: Cristiana Sousa
Plastic Direction: Sara Barbosa and Collective Sabotage
Light Design: Tiago Silva
Light Drawing Assistant: Marugga
Sound Landscape: Collective Invisible Space
Scene photography: Nelson D'aires
Poster photography: João Peixoto
Production Manager: Pedro Barbosa
Production by: Telma Cardoso
Press release: Rafaela Sá
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