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Until Sep 10
Portuguese Surrealism Centre programme

Cupertino de Miranda Foundation | Portuguese Surrealism Centre

Rui Aguiar was born in the centre of Porto on June 20th 1944. Without having been connected - by age and free spirit - to the collective activities of the Portuguese surrealists, there are in his work (paintings, drawings, collages, photomontages, assemblages and objects) strong connections with the surrealist artistic practices, in a dialogue of successive juxtapositions, conjunctions or fusions with practices coming from the four cardinal points of artistic Modernity. In this exhibition, we have, therefore, a selection of works that reveal influences from the artistic movements of the late 19th century and early 20th century. It is a moment to remember and recognise concepts that informed the poetic and aesthetic discourse of the artist, as well as a testimony to the dispersed roots of the surrealist movement, and its different paths. The exhibition brings together unpublished works dating from the beginning of his activity to the present day. It is a semi-anthological show, with some of his most significant works from the 70s to the 90s, together with more contemporary works from the universe of digital art. With an experimental and eclectic work, like the artists of his generation, essentially characterising abstractionism and Arte Povera, we rediscover in his works, more than we perhaps expected, the influences of the artistic movements of the beginning of the century. Itinerary of an artist "absolutely modern", who has known, and knows, that the amazement and pleasure of knowledge and of giving reality to the meaning of the word (the creative verb), proper to each language, is a privilege of children and of artists who know how to maintain the way of dialoguing with reality through the "wild look", of which Breton spoke.

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