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Thu 13 Jun
Cineclube de Joane programme  

Casa das Artes | Small auditorium – 21h45

Admission: 4 euros | Students: 2 euros | Free for members of Cineclube de Joane | Original title: Aku wa sonzai shinai (Japan, 2023) | Directed by: Ryûsuke Hamaguchi | Cast: Hitoshi Omika, Ryô Nishikawa, Ryûji Kosaka, Ayaka Shibutani | Rating: M/12 | Running time: 105 min

Takumi and his daughter Hana live in a small village in the centre of a forest on the outskirts of Tokyo. The tranquillity of their existence is threatened when a luxury camping project springs up there, hoping to attract tourists with the promise of experiencing nature in its purest state. The community, which has become accustomed to being surrounded by almost unexplored mountains and lakes, is opposed, realising how much this could alter the balance of the ecosystem and their lives. Selected for the 2023 Venice Film Festival, where it won the Grand Jury Prize, this is an environmental drama by Ryûsuke Hamaguchi. The soundtrack is by singer-songwriter Eiko Ishibashi, who had already collaborated with Hamaguchi on Drive My Car, which won the Oscar for Best International Film (Japan), a category in which it also won a Golden Globe and a BAFTA.

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