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Fri 22 Apri
Devesa Park programme

Devesa Park | Mill - 19h00

Free visit

Jardim Orizuro emerges from the artistic-educational constellation Mil Pássaros and the project Cidade Orizuro and runs until April 2022 in three institutions of the county: the Centro Social Paroquial de Requião, Jardim de Infância de Seide and Centro Social da Paróquia de Castelões.
The installation "Echoes", to be born in the Devesa Park before sunset on April 22 (Earth Day), is a poetic way to share some aspects of the work done in the institutions and to draw attention to the need to care for the Earth, our "fragile home" where memories and present live, connected by water.

Project of the Theatrical Music Company, integrated in the "Guarantee Culture" programme

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