Agenda Municipal / Circus Art Àmostra: Contemporary Circus

Tue 27 Jun to Sun 02 Jul
Casa das Artes programme

Grand auditorium | 21h30

Admission: 4 euros. Students, Cultural Quadrilateral Card and Seniors (aged 65 and over): 2 euros

Co-production Instituto Nacional de Artes do Circo / Casa das Artes | Presentation of the first professional work of the Finalist Students of the National Institute of Circus Arts

Tuesday, 27th of June

Valeria Elizondo Carrillo (Costa Rica): ¿Y si bailamos?

Shopping. Sofa. ¿Coffee? I forgot! Oh! Let's clean up! What if we dance? Let's dance! Let's enjoy, let's live! Ah the coffee! How rich! I travel, I feel, I dive... sigh, tiredness, happiness, oscillating, melting, I don't want, but I want, because everything that goes up has to come down? Some dance to remember, others dance to forget.  "What if we dance?"

Tiago Peres (Portugal): Acumulação do Agora (Accumulation of the Now)

There are those who don't believe it, there are those who have never realised it, there are those who have never questioned themselves for it! The constant discovery, in this imposed present reality, comes from inside each molecule being. Where the unknown is just a present factor that is related to each underworld, each consciousness, each limited acceptance. The force of nature translates a little of the essence of this show. Where the land gives fruit the opportunity of experience and with it one enjoys the journey of being lived. There are not those who want it, but there are those who need it most!?

Olga Koultouki (Greece): Fearland

In "Fearland" after the traumatic shock she suffers, the performer cannot face reality and takes refuge in her own world full of fear and distrust. Will she be able to find the right way back? Or will time be too cruel to her?

Sara Montanaro (Italy): Scorcio

An organism, an entity, makes its way through what remains of a compromised and forgotten landscape. The birth and construction of a small world, which becomes contaminated and eventually dies, destroys itself and returns to the place where it all began.

Wednesday, 28th of June

Pamina Milewska (Austria): The order of things

"The order of things" is the title of a monoplay of experimental circus theatre in which the character "Hortelazinha" researches and discovers the universe of cleanliness on the ground and in the air. What is the order of things? How does it have to be? What happens if they change the order of things? Is it about changes in rhythm? The rhythm that can be like the waves of the sea, some of which can move people, others are just to look at and listen to or give fear. The cloth is really dirty and with a lot of dust on it. "Hortelinha likes music very much. Life is lighter with it and emotions have somewhere to go. Welcome to this experience and co-creation, it will be 20 minutes of chaos that also has its order.

Erik Livermore (Norway): Professor Schreber's lines of flight

As partial objects, we always seek to connect, to create flows, to break them, to create new ones. What happens when we have no voice in the codification of our flows of desiring production? A story of the almost, of the permanent incompleteness of having goals and adaptation.

Camilo Henriquez (Chile): Anarchic Sciences

"Anarchic Sciences" is the fantasy of a young teenager prisoner of the social schemes of school, forced into a routine, forced to be equal to others, forced to learn an educational system that does not teach to question, imagine, be curious or develop according to one's faculties. Travelling between physical theatre, dance, pins and acrobatics as a circus discipline, the young man's body language undergoes an alteration as a result of an emotional breakdown; confusion, anger, frustration and the release of being through punk rock! This play invites nostalgia, to remember, everyone has been or will be a teenager, adolescence is a phase where there is much flux of change, learning of one's self and development of consciousness.

Mandíbula (Esther Dorléan and Julia Faria) (France and Brazil): FERMI GRENU a highly toxic animal

Two beings carry out a daily fermentation in a laboratory between the basement and the third floor. It is necessary to pay attention in a sterile environment because things can get out of control.

Thursday, 29th of June

Stav Pinto (Israel): Mesarevet

"Mesarevet" ("I refuse", female, Hebrew) is a solo piece that visually presents the complex narrative of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict through dance and object manipulation. It tells the story as a broad picture through the assembly and disassembly of structures, showing the changing landscape as the emotional-personal reality is brought through dance into this chaotic and stressful environment. "Mesarevet '', "I refuse", as the main statement of the show is to actively refuse to hate, refuse to choose a side and delegitimize the narrative and needs of others.

Dayse Albuquerque (Brazil): Under the covers

A Saturday morning in the middle of Tuesday. It is up to you to decide whether to expose yourself to the sun. Legs and feet run loose in the air
But what if a table could walk? What stories would it bring to tell?
A hole fills in, the illogical blends with the everyday. Surprise does not ask permission, but invites you in.

Momi Marin (Chile): IN-SONIA

An interwoven dream that does not distinguish between the oneiric and the everyday. Where the character travels in a deep state of sleepiness. This dancing and acrobatic body after several events wakes up and finds itself in a turbulent morning.

Radarani Oliveira (Brazil): arʘanda

arʘanda is a play about resignificances and accidents that invent the world. Life wants more life, but for that it is also necessary to die, leave behind, rebuild and give new meanings. From the scenic elements, mechanisms of comings and goings are created, small circuits that are transformed on stage, changing the character and the circumstances.

Friday, 30th of June

Giovanni Concato (Italy): Safari

Voices in off, unidentified flying entities, driftwood balances, a mirror of emptiness and an acrylic box packing the smoky atmosphere. Ce que je ne comprends pas, je l'accepte plus qu'une chose que je comprends. Cuttlefish bones and debris survive on surreal sound substrates. The balance is diagonal, rote, curved. The composition of disorder is up to our freedom to imagine. What is the caducity of our traces?

Stephanie Skrein (Austria): Good Boy

Hernando is a good boy. And Hernando likes to play. He invites us to his little cabaret, where he shows us his games. How he fights the strong bull and how he builds an atomic bomb. How he makes white supremacy rise over black scum. It's all just a game in Hernando's Cabaret!

Joka (Portugal) Alter Ego

"What if our minds were fragmentable? What if we coexisted with other personalities in our own body? What if we didn't know they existed? A story about a character who unknowingly created "alter egos" to defend and protect herself from life's sufferings. The conflict between wanting to live and dying, the uncertainty between what is real or not, creates a huge depression in the character that makes the refuge in addictions and suicide a wise choice. A search for certainty, for enlightenment, that leads to a fight between several personalities for the destiny of that body. What can happen when we don't have total control of our body? What can our mind create next?"

Fabiana Díaz (Chile): Entre-el-azar

Between-el-azar and entre-el-azar will transit. A process of release will approach. In contraction your movement will release.  The emergence came and voicelessness remained. But the knot left. So it is not over.

Saturday, 1st of July

Fernando Nogueira (Brazil): Form

A set of exterior limits. Confusing object, impossible to define. Expression in physical or philosophical form. The principle that determines our essence. Forma is a reflection that through circus proposes to the audience a dialogue about how our form is volatile and inconstant, and seeks from these changes to find what makes us unique, the essence that harmonizes our reality and represents us in space and time. Forma takes you on a sensorial journey through human existentialism, and portrays a dystopia where the creative thought no longer exists, until unknown impulses begin to appear on the scene that guide this character in a reflection that makes him realize that those impulses are the only way to discover his essence, the only thing that makes us unique - our way of creating.

Filipa Madeira (Portugal): The Hare and the Tortoise

To oppose is to put one thing before another. Here, opposite realities are placed face to face. In a race against time, against internal and external conditions, two creatures present and challenge each other. Who wins and who loses this game? Do opposites attract, connect, combine...?

Luiza Adjuto (Brazil): A little of me in reverse

An act, a scene, a dance of a woman between objects and risk. Um Quê de Mim Reversa invites the audience to an immersion in a universe in movement, with symbols and metaphors about life and its fragility. When was the last time life crossed you? In the end everything turns into a party.

Sunday, 2nd of July

Inês Pinho (Portugal): Cats always fall on their faces or how to save bees

I invite you to visit this place of mine. Before entering you may need to take off your shoes and switch off your desire to understand. Nestled between the poetic and the surreal we will celebrate the absurdity of life, run after meaning like a cat runs after a thread and hopefully fall back into the fragmented nature of human thoughts and actions. The chicken has already crossed the street, but I will leave you here, in the midst of the flock, in a world that constantly pulls us in different directions.

Eva Morais (EVITA) (Portugal): Error 502: Gateway to Chaos

Error 502 occurs when something in the communication process between network servers fails. The relationship between humanity and artificial intelligence (AI) seems to suffer from a similar kind of error. Error 502: Gateway to Chaos starts from a communication failure that opens the door to chaos. In a satirical and thought-provoking journey, with circus as the common thread, we are led to glimpse a dystopian but probable future. The lack of understanding, resulting from the colossal escalation of technological development, leads to a loss of control over something we have created ourselves. Waging a war for power and resorting to the most absurd strategies to win, this show invites us to reflect on the role of technology in our lives and the destiny we are charting with the unstoppable development of AI. "Control is about as real as a one-legged unicorn taking a leak at the end of a double rainbow." - Ray Heyworth in Mr.Robot (S2,Ep3).

Malin Hannah Jorina (Austria): Chantilly Tea

"Sleep baby sleep, enjoy as much as you can. Cause I wanna be part of the witches' coven," she sings. Thrilling flights of fancy, furry spells and wild dances with the spirits she really needs. Will she succeed? At least she saw it in her dreams. Chantilliana was flying high and was prepared to come down and save the world. If she didn't, who else would take those brave actions? Step by step, she will reveal layers of her personality and invite the audience to be part of her journey. Will she be the culprit and who will be saved? Murder can taste so sweet. Even more so with cream.
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