Agenda Municipal / Theatre A beehive with grenades on their paws

Sat 01 Jun
Teatro Narciso Ferreira programme

Riba de Ave | Teatro Narciso Ferreira – 21h30

Free admission | Rating: M/12 | Running time: 60 min | Artistic co-creation show with the community 

Somewhere in the Ave Valley, a beehive is sowing the seeds of revolutionary ideas. Clinging to their paws are lofty dreams, utopias of collective and ecological organisation that outline a highly sophisticated and cosmopolitan community in the landscape. These green guerrillas killed the queen (maybe they are republicans), and now they share the royal jelly with everyone. There are no invasive species in this colony, all are welcome. Join the swarm and pollinate yourself.

The show, ‘A beehive with grenades on their paws’, began with a series of visits to private gardens where local communities farm for self-consumption. The creative process was fuelled by conversations with community members from the parishes of Castelões, Oliveira S. Mateus, Oliveira Santa Maria, Riba de Ave and Pedome, which provided vital material for the dramaturgy, but also deepened the understanding of local social and cultural dynamics. These gardens, more than mere growing spaces, represent a resilient response to the pressures of industrialisation, while still keeping rural practices very much alive. The involvement of the communities was crucial not only in the research phase and the collection of testimonies, but also in the very conception of the show, making them co-creators of the artistic work. This collaborative process ensured that the voices of the community were valued, reflecting a substantial part of their farming experiences and practices.

This project is funded by Famalicão City Council's Há Cultura 2023-2025 Programme in co-production with the Narciso Ferreira Theatre and aims to build annual artistic co-creation projects between the entities of the Sobre o Palco Performing Arts Platform and the local community.

Technical credits
Direction and playwrighting: Bruno Martins
Cast: Bruno Martins, Cláudia Berkeley, Luciana Pereira (intern) and elements of CSIF's of Castelões, Oliveira São Mateus, Oliveira Santa Maria, Riba de Ave and Pedome
Sound and vídeo design: Bruno Martins
Light design and operation: Valter Alves
Executive production: Raquel Passos
Creation: Teatro da Didascália
Coproduction: Teatro Narciso Ferreira
Finance: Programa Há Cultura 2023-2025 / Câmara Municipal de Famalicão

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