Agenda Municipal / Conferences The metal industry in Crestuma, Vila Nova de Gaia. Paiva Freixo Factory

Sat 12 Nov
Textile Industry Museum of the Ave Basin programme

Textile Industry Museum of the Ave Basin - 15h00

Free and compulsory | Speaker: Maria de Fátima Teixeira | Visit: industrial area of Couros, Guimarães | Complete programme at | Duration: 3h00 | These conferences are certified as Short Term Action for teachers and registration must be made at the Camilo Castelo Branco Training Centre

Under the theme "New contributions to Portuguese industrial history", the fourth Cycle of Conferencesof the Textile Industry Museum of the Ave Basin (MITBA) takes place over the last quarter of 2022, with three sessions. Each of them with a guided tour of a site of heritage interest at the end of the conference. Intending to present some of the most significant aspects of recent research in the field of heritage and Portuguese industrial history, among the subjects addessed will be presented communications on the wool industry in Amarante, the industrial heirtage of Barreiro, and the economic evolution and industrial heritgae of the Algarve in the 19th-20th centuries.
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