Agenda Municipal / Parties, Fairs and Pilgrims S. Miguel Grand Fair

Thu 29 to Sun 02 Oct
Mouzinho de Albuquerque Square | 8h00

The S. Miguel Grand Fair is one of the oldest traditions of the municipality. Instituted in 1205, the Grand Fair is intimately linked to the origins of the municipality, namely the agricultural activity, the traditions, uses and customs and the identity of Famalicão. In addition to all the surroundings, the fair brings together farmers, artisans and the famous taverns, offering the most genuine and traditional products of the municipality. Strictly dressed, the merchants bring with them bovine and equine animals, the freshest vegetables, the tastiest eggs and the most tender chickens from their backyard, in a real trip to the past, when everything was "homemade" and biological.


29th September - Thursday
08h00 Free Fair
15h00 Livestock Contest

30th September - Friday
10h00 São Miguel Market - Farmers / Handicraft / Tasquinhas / Biological
Show of Cattle and Horses (D. Maria II Square)
21h00 Concentration of Mounted Horses (D. Maria II Square)

1st October - Saturday
10h00 Farmers' Market / Handicraft / Tasquinhas / Organic Farmers' Market
Show of Cattle and Horses (D. Maria II Square)
4 p.m. Traditional Singing (D. Maria II Square)
10.30 p.m. Equestrian Gala (D. Maria II Square)

2nd October - Sunday
10:00 a.m. St. Michael's Market - Farmers / Handicrafts / Tasquinhas / Organic food
Show of Cattle and Horses (D. Maria II Square)
16h00 Charrette Parade (City Streets)
17h30 Traditional Singing (D. Maria II Square)
19h00 Desfolhada Minhota (D. Maria II Square)

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