Agenda Municipal / Children Mr Bunny’s Chocolate Factory

Until 24 Feb
BMCCB programme

Wednesdays 2nd, 9th, 16th and 23rd – 10h15 and/or 14h30 | Civic Centre | Provisional library
Tuesday to Thursday – 10h15 and/or 14h30 | Poles of the Municipal Library

Audience: pre-school and 1st cycle | Sessions scheduled according to availability, at least 15 days in advance

Do you want to know how the famous chocolate eggs are made? Then welcome to Mr. Bunny's Chocolate Factory! Many chickens work here and eat huge quantities of chocolate to hatch chocolate eggs (who would have thought that this is how they are made...). Everything works relatively well until the greedy Mr Bunny decides to increase production to boost his profits. Will the chickens like his plan, or even cope with the exhausting new work rhythm?

Author: Elys Dolan

Activity framed within the SDG initiative: together we change the world

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