Agenda Municipal / Gastronomy Dias à Mesa - International Cuisine

May 20th – 23rd
Tourism program

Participating restaurants:
Alfa | Attrevidu | Bis – Pasta&Risotto | Bisconde | Caso | El Vagabundo | Fondue | Los Pepes – Mexicano | ME.AT | Mikado
Moutados | Sabores do Algarve | Taberna do Sushi | Vinha Nova

Dias à Mesa takes place throughout the year, combining gastronomy with cultural and sports events.

This initiative proposes to foster new practices of openness and interaction in an international context, taking more Famalicão to the world and bringing more world to our city. Sushi, Wok, Pasta, Cachapa, Fondue, Tacos, Burgers, are some among many other international dishes, which will certainly transport you to places full of flavours, in an unforgettable cultural exchange.

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