Agenda Municipal / Movies A Hole Of My Own Making

Thu 31 Mar
Cineclube de Joane programme (There Are No Cinephiles left?!, Unknown Japanese Masters)

Casa das Artes | Small Auditorium - 21h45

Entry: 4 euros | Free for members of the Cineclube de Joane | Organisation: Cineclube de Joane

Original title: Jibun no ana no nakade (Japan,1955) | Directed by: Tomu Uchida | Cast: Rentarô Mikuni, Yumeji Tsukioka, Mie Kitahara, Jûkichi Uno | Rating: M/12 | Duration: 125 min

Widow Nobuko shares a home with Tamiko and Junjiro, her late husband's two children. Tamiko is a young woman with pretensions of independence, while Junjiro is bed-ridden, afflicted by illness and the sadness of a recent separation. Family tensions grow when Nobuko decides to look for a suitor to marry Tamiko. The choice falls between Dr. Ihara, a shameless womanizer, and Lord Komatsu, a romantic with assertiveness problems. An autopsy of post-war anguish, A Hole Of My Own paints an unforgiving portrait of the new Japanese society where "man is man's wolf".

A Hole of My Own Making is a 1955 Japanese film directed by Tomu Uchida.

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